Getting Engaged in Lviv: CSO members work on communication and funding strategies

From 1-4 February 2016, the last of three challenging workshops on the role of Civil Society Organisations(CSO) in the EU-Ukraine association process was concluded in Lviv. The workshop tackled the topics “Communication”, “Project Cycle Management” and “Fundraising”.

Karol Mojkowski, Watchdog Poland, presented various communication models to the group. After a vivid discussion about the goals and means of CSO communication, Karol demonstrated how to create a persona in order to properly define target groups. Finally, the participants developed their own communication strategies.

Constanze Aka, Institut für Europäische Politik, and Vladimir Pavlović, Belgrade Open School, introduced the topics “Project Cycle Management” as well as “Fundraising and EU Funding Programs”. The group took a closer look at EU funding opportunities and requirements. Vladimir shared his vast experience in this field and gave a great number of important tips to the participants.

This workshop concluded the first training cycle within the Civic School for Sound EU Practice. The objective to enable CSO members to effectively engage in the EU-Ukraine association process was achieved. Indeed, many project ideas are on their way. IEP wishes good luck and a lot of success!

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