Second CiSEP workshop with the Ukrainan civil society took place in Kyiv

From 23-25 of May the second workshop of the „Training The Trainers on EU Project Cycle Management“ was successfully implemented by Project Manager Martin Stein in Kyiv. During the three-day long workshop the participants continued working on their project ideas of the first workshop and were already able to create a Logical Framework Matrix, that they also worked on inbetween the workshops.

The Matrix is a key component of the first two steps (and beyond) of the EU Project Cycle (Programming and Identification), as it provides the foundation for the following steps in the application-process to the EU. In addition to the Project Cycle content, the participants had multiple sessions on training skills, in order to prepare them for their future trainer roles on EU-PCM.

30 representatives of Ukrainian CSOs were selected to take part in this training series to enable them to apply for EU funds available to Ukraine and to plan, organise and implement these projects according to the requirements of the EU. In every workshop they also receive sessions to successfully prepare and implement trainings after the successful completion of the training series for fellow members of the Ukrainian civil society.

The training series is part of IEPs work with the Ukrainian civil society, in the form of the “Civic School for Sound EU Practice“ (CiSEP), and is organized in close cooperation with the der  Polissya Foundation for International and Regional Studies.

CiSEP is part of the larger IEP Capacity Building project on EU-Association-Trainings in Ukraine which is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

The next workshop will take place from 4-6 July again in Kyiv.

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