Seminar for Journalism students on the Association Agreement conducted by former CiSEP participant in Mykolaiv

We asked our participants to share how they implemented the knowledge they gained during the first and second training series of CiSEP. The first* of these reports can be found below and was written by Viacheslav Golovchenko from the Mykolaiv Region Press Club.

After completing the CiSEP training in Odessa I developed a seminar for Press & TV College students ( about the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (AA). We conducted this seminar with last year Bachelor students in Mykolaiv. The students in Journalism have learned how to distinguish the different parts of the agreement and were able to understand which administrative bodies are in charge of the implementation. We had a heated dispute during the seminar on the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform, which does not actively cooperate with regional media. Students offered some topics for reports about actions on the implementation of the Association Agreement. We also discussed the list of arguments from European integration sceptics. At the end we conducted a practical task on writing learning materials and shooting reports about the activation of the AA implementation in the second half of 2016.

It was wonderful to have a possibility to conduct my own seminar for 14 last year students of Press & TV College in Mykolaiv based on experience I have gained from CISEP in Odessa. I will be glad to welcome Martin and his colleagues in the College at the workshop on European integration.

*Translation from Ukrainian was done by IEP Trainee Margaryta Udovychenko.

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