From theory to practice: basic training cycle on EU-Ukraine Association Agreement concluded!

Last Level A workshops were implemented in Lviv, Chernihiv and Dnipro with focus on selected AA chapters and networking.

“From theory to practice” was the motto of the trainings implemented in Dnipro, Chernihiv (16-19 October) and Lviv (23-26 October). Such framing meant delving deeper into selected chapters of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. As a result, 70 CiSEP fellows received specialized training in selected chapters of the document, namely of Title IV (Intellectual Property, Transparency, Trade and Sustainable Development) and Title V (Cooperation on employment, social policy and equal opportunities).

Important networking opportunities were included in the program as well: the work of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform was presented and discussed. A special treat were the video conferences between the three cities. They connected CiSEP fellows from different Ukrainian regions working in similar areas.

The workshops were also the final ones of CiSEP’s “Level A: AA/DCFTA Basics”. Within three meetings between July and October, 70 members of Ukrainian CSOs and active citizens received overall training on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area. They will now have the possibility to apply for deepening their knowledge and skills in the next level of CiSEP trainings.

CiSEP now enters its specialization phase. The first training cycle of level B – concentrating on horizontal EU Association Skills – will kick off already in November in Odessa. Find out more about the CiSEP structure here.

The Civic School for Sound EU Practice is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

CiSEP is organized by Insitute for European Politics (Berlin), Polissya Foundation for International and Regional Studies (Chernihiv), NGO “Public Chamber of Ukraine” (Dnipro), Civil Network OPORA (Lviv), Odessa Regional Organization of All-Ukrainian NGO “Committee of Voters of Ukraine”.


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