Ukraine in the heart of the EU: CiSEP study trip to Brussels

From 20 to 24 March 2018 our CiSEP “EU Association Skills” alumni discovered the world of EU-Ukraine relations in Brussels.

After having dedicated several training months to EU association monitoring and legal harmonization, it was high time to dive into the who’s who of EU-Ukraine relations.

We were warmly welcomed by experts of the European Parliament, the Support Group to Ukraine, DG TRADE, EEAS, ECOSOC, BusinessEurope, CEPS, the European Endowment for Democracy, as well as the Mission of Ukraine to the EU.

The numerous round tables gave us the opportunity to tackle essential aspects of Ukraine’s EU Association from various angles: political relations, trade relations and civil society support. Hence, we exchanged knowledge and views on:

  • Ukraine’s EU Association in the framework of the Neighbourhood Policy and Eastern Partnership;
  • EU-Ukraine trade relations and especially the monitoring of the association implementation by the EU-Ukraine trade committees;
  • The Role of civil society in promoting trade and sustainable development;
  • Legal harmonization and the problem of the EU acquis as a moving target;
  • Democracy support to grass-root civil society organizations;
  • Media coverage of EU-Ukraine relations.

After discovering the EU quarter, historic Brussels, Belgian chocolate and French fries, we were ready to go home. In our luggage: Sweet souvenirs, plenty of food for thought and new ideas for engaging in Ukraine’s EU Association process.

This IEP study trip took place in the framework of our Civic School for Sound EU Practice and was kindly supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.


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