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КОНКУРС ЗАЯВОК НА УЧАСТЬ: Рівень В CiSEP – Інтелектуальна власність

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Оголошення конкурсу заявок

Форма заявки на участь у CiSEP


“Reforms! Changes! Really? Civil Power for Stronger Results” – CiSEP conference in Chernihiv, Ukraine

From 29-30 March around 60 alumni of our Civic School for Sound EU Practice (CiSEP) followed th invitation to take part in the interactive conference “Reforms! Changes! Really? Civil Power for Stronger Results” in Chernihiv, Ukraine. 1,5 years after the start of our CiSEP training series, the conference brought the civil society members together to discuss Ukraine’s EU association process and their role in it (in the past, present and future).

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CiSEP – Training The Trainers on EU Project Cycle Management successfully completed

In April of this year the Institute for European Politics (IEP) started its training series Training The Trainers on EU Project Cycle Management for members of the Ukrainian civil society. Over the course of 8 workshops the participants received the skills and knowledge to apply for EU funding as well as to manage EU funded projects according to EU requirements (the EU Project Cycle) and to effectively pass on this knowledge to other members of the Ukrainian civil society. The training series is part of IEPs Civic School for Sound EU Practice (CiSEP) that is aimed at strengthening the capacity of Ukraine’s civil society in the framework of the EU-Ukraine association process.

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CiSEP workshop on “Communication and Negotiation” took place in Kyiv

October 10-12 marked the successful implementation of the sixth workshop of IEPs “Training The Trainers on EU Project Cycle Management” in Kyiv. The training series is aimed at enabling the Ukrainian civil society participants to apply for EU funding and manage EU funded projects according to the EU Project Cycle requirements but also to pass on their knowledge to their colleagues through self-conducted trainings. It is furthermore part of IEPs ongoing work (Civic School for Sound EU Practice – CiSEP) to strengthen the capacity of Ukraine’s civil society in the framework of the EU-Ukraine association process.

As not everything that is necessary to successfully apply for and run an EU funded project is obvious at first sight, especially for smaller and with regard to western funding unexperienced Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), this workshop was dedicated to “Communication and Negotiation” in this context. Under the guidance of Lithuanian Rita Naseniece, the participants worked through a balanced mixture of presentations, group work and simulations on how to communicate with donors and western partners, how to draw up a communication plan, negotiation strategies and general do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. IEPs implementing project manager Martin Stein finalised the workshop by working with the group on team communication.

In addition to the normal training, this workshop was accompanied by the first of four “mini-trainings” to develop a trainer handbook for and by the participants on EU Project Cycle Management. As not all participants are taking part in this mini training, the results of the workshop were presented to and discussed with the participants and an action plan prepared to finalise the handbook until the end of the Training The Trainers in December.

The training series is organised in close cooperation with the Polissya Foundation for International and Regional Studies and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.
The next workshop will be about “Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting” and is going to take place in Odessa from November 21-23.

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Seminar for Journalism students on the Association Agreement conducted by former CiSEP participant in Mykolaiv

We asked our participants to share how they implemented the knowledge they gained during the first and second training series of CiSEP. The first* of these reports can be found below and was written by Viacheslav Golovchenko from the Mykolaiv Region Press Club.

After completing the CiSEP training in Odessa I developed a seminar for Press & TV College students ( about the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (AA). We conducted this seminar with last year Bachelor students in Mykolaiv. The students in Journalism have learned how to distinguish the different parts of the agreement and were able to understand which administrative bodies are in charge of the implementation. We had a heated dispute during the seminar on the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform, which does not actively cooperate with regional media. Students offered some topics for reports about actions on the implementation of the Association Agreement. We also discussed the list of arguments from European integration sceptics. At the end we conducted a practical task on writing learning materials and shooting reports about the activation of the AA implementation in the second half of 2016.

It was wonderful to have a possibility to conduct my own seminar for 14 last year students of Press & TV College in Mykolaiv based on experience I have gained from CISEP in Odessa. I will be glad to welcome Martin and his colleagues in the College at the workshop on European integration.

*Translation from Ukrainian was done by IEP Trainee Margaryta Udovychenko.