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Svitlana Berezhna

The Union of Entrepreneurs of the Kharkiv region

Information and monitoring the process of implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union for small and medium businesses. Participation in the Assembly of CSS ASG: “Science and technology, information society, education, training and youth, culture and sport”.


Sergey Chistyakov

NGO Rhesus, Donetsk Oblast

protection of the rights and interests of vulnerable groups, monitoring of executive authorities and law enforcement.


Irina Dyumina

Regional Development Agency “Donbass”

Awareness raising and coaching activities


Maria Golub

NGO: Stronger Together information campaign

My NGO actively takes part in advocacy and nation-wide information campaigns aimed to explain and promote the benefits of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

Dmytro Kazimirov

Chernihiv city nongovernmental organization “Siverian institute of regional studies”

The organization prepares and implements the projects regarding informing and consulting of the general public and local authorities on the issues of the European integration and the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. Their implementation involves conducting public debates, expert meetings and training sessions with the generalization of their results in the form of analytical and information publications, manuals, videos and other printed or video output.


Valerii Kolomiiets

Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Department for development of SMEs and deregulation.

Practices related to the improvement of the conditions for businesses in Ukraine, including SMEs’ business activity. (Article 378 of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement)

Nina Kuzmenko

Poltava Regional Foundation for Entrepreneurship Support

General Director, Adviser to the Chairman of the Ukrainian Fund for the Support of the Entrepreneurship

Poltava Regional Foundation for Entrepreneurship Support. Core activity: direct support of small and medium businesses, provision of consulting, training, informational and financial assistance. The organization of economic missions, conferences, presentations, round-table conferences on issues of entrepreneurship make up an important part of our activities. We have established partnership relations with other small and medium business supporting organizations by holding a wide range of business events for the purpose of development of transregional cooperation with near-border regions.

Olga Roshchyna

NGO «Poltava regional center for investment and development»

Attracting grants for projects related to the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine / Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (AA / DCFTA), activities of the EU Information Centre as well sustainable development, strategic planning, project management and informing the public about implementation of projects.


Nataliya Safronova

Lugansk Regional Charitable Organization ” Luhansk Communities Foundation ” Khors ”

The Fund is informing communities about the European Union, the EU Association, the organizer of the Days of Europe, is implementing its activities best practices and standards of the European countries to improve the quality of life in the area Gromada. It carries a culture of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility using examples of countries near Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia). In particular, the Fund has a receiver techniques of self-organization of the population of the European Union Project and the United Nations Development Program “Local development-oriented colossus”, IMF experts are involved in the working group for the development of social management plans and the involvement of the European Investment Bank stakeholders Emergency Program for recovery of Ukraine.


Ivan Shkurat

NGO “Institute of Reforms and Information of Society” (IRIS)

Sumy, Ukraine

One of the main tasks of NGO “IRIS” is spreading the information about the European integration & transformations in Ukrainian society.


Nadiya Yeremenko

NGO Pryluky City Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs “Cooperation”

  • spreading of information on opportunities and prospects for local producers, enterprises and entrepreneurs within the Association with the EU
  • assistance in establishing business contacts with EU partners


Yuliia Zarharian

Youth organization “Youth of Democratic Alliance”

promoting european values among Ukrainian youth, developing international relationship with european youth (“Youth of Democratic Alliance” is a member of YEPP (Youth European Peoples Party), DEMYC (Democrat Youth Community of Europe) and RSI (Robert Schuman Institute)), creating favourable conditions for development of Ukrainian youth based on principles of christian democracy and contributing to international integration of youth


Oleg Zhyvotovskyi

NGO European Choice, Board CEO

An initiative by the civil society, for the civil society. Created by and for European civil society actors, Citizens for Europe is THE meeting point for citizen organisations and movements to highlight and share projects, events and good practices. It is a dynamic platform that strives to be both critical and constructive by giving a voice to its members, helping them to connect and form alliances to carry more weight when dealing with decision-makers. The public part of the website provides valuable information on the members, their projects, positions, and campaigns that demonstrate the richness of European civil society.

European Choice’s Website


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Nataliia Bandura

Association of self-governments “Euroregion Carpathians-Ukraine”

The aim of the association – to build a strong “backbone” for cross-border activities within the Carpathian Euroregion. I’m dealing with the projects aiming the development of the cross-border and cross-regional cooperation. Becoming an equal member of the EU is an important condition for the further development of the cross-border and cross-regional cooperation in the Carpathian Euroregion. This is the reason I’m highly interested in the implementation of the Association Agreement and the DCFTA.


Milan Cheipesh

European Law Students Association (ELSA)

I study law in Open International University of Human Development “Ukraine”.

Being a member of ELSA I’m highly interested in educational cooperation between Ukrainian and European law students, participation in the exchange programs and getting new opportunities for the legal research. I realize that the factual implementation of the Association Agreement gives more opportunities for international cooperation in educational programs.


Viacheslav Gorvat

Non-Governmental Organization “The Vynohradiv Union of Maidan”

Our organization focus its activity on the development of civil society on the local level and fights for implementation of the standards of transparency in the local government and councils. We also provide the protection of civil and social rights of the citizens in our region. I work as a legal consultant and provide the legal assistance for the NGO.

Hanna Heneraliuk

Hanna Heneraliuk  is a representative of the NGO “European choice of Starocostiantyniv”. The NGO is a not-for-profit group, principally independent from government, which is organized on a local level to address issues in support of the public good.The organisation’s name reflects its objectives—the main goal is the promotion of integration of Ukraine into the European family by the way of formation of civil society first of all at a local level.


Volodymyr Hrynishak

head NGO “Nadvirna tourist information center”.
Development of tourism in the Carpathian region.
Promotion and information tourists.
Creation of tourism infrastructure and product.


Oksana Iutovets

Foundation of Regional Initiatives (FRI)

Graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University, master of sociology.

I’m a project manager in FRI. I specialize on educational, cultural and social projects for students and youth. I’m also involved in monitoring the electoral process and the city council activities in order to increase the transparency level in self-governance.


Mladena Kachurets

The Civil Network “OPORA”

Graduated from National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, master of law.

Being an activist of the Civil Network “Opora”, I took part in more than 5 election campaigns in Ukraine, performing a comprehensive long-term monitoring and analysis of the electoral process as an official observer. I also take part in the project of civil monitoring of the local government activity.

The Association Agreement is important for me because I strongly believe that realization of the judicial reform is one of the most important priorities for the Ukrainian state development. The implementation of the standards of rule of law is the clue to reducing corruption and further economic and democratic development.


Olga Khomyakova

Junior  Policy Expert
Resource & Analysis Center “Society and Environment”

We promote the effective implementation of the environmental requirements of Ukraine within the bilateral relations between Ukraine and the EU (through the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement) and within the multilateral cooperation (through the ENP and EaP initiatives).


Ruslan Kostiukevich

NGO «Regional center of the European integration projects»

We carry out monitoring of European integration processes in the region, ensuring the transparency of local government, anti-corruption compliance and project management for European integration



Yuriy Kyrylych


Development of society and social projects through lectures, masterclasses and art-Projects.

Oksana Mayba

NGO “The League of Law”

Objective of our Organization is protection and promotion of human and civil rights and freedoms, establishment of justice in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation and international standards of human rights. The organization also works in areas that directly or indirectly affect the primary objective, namely the fight against corruption, monitoring of legislation and preparation of recommendations for its harmonization with the best European regulatory practices, promotion of democratic elections in accordance with electoral law and international standards, environmental protection and others.
Participation in the Civic School for Sound EU practice plays particularly important role for better understanding of what Association Agreement is about, establishment of good network of civil activists, and coordination of activities of CSO’s in the field of European integration of Ukraine.


Zhanna Oliynyk

Association of workers of tourist guiding of Bukovina.

Our NGO is aimed at providing support to small businesses in the sphere of tourism in our region.

Andriy Polovko

NGO “Nadvirnjanska Samopomich”

Coordination of ecologic and citizens’ initiatives in the city Nadvirna.


Oksana Tsitsinska

NGO „Institute for Transborder Cooperation and European Integration“

Activties: Research on Crossborder Cooperation and European Integration, regional and economic development, information of citizens about the EU and its policies.


Pavlo Tymchyshyn

“Self-defense of Lviv Euromaidan”

I’m a coordinator of volunteer activities in the organization that deals with supplying Ukrainian Army and military hospitals with medicine, technical devices, and food.

My colleagues and I also managed to lead the lobbying campaigns to change the Acts of the Governments, providing more effective management in supplying the Army and making the State procurement procedures more transparent. I believe that only an active and persuasive position of the civil society members, including volunteer organizations, can provide the implementation of the transparency principles in the Government.


Vasyl Zelenko

I work as a lecturer in Lviv National University (The Faculty of Financial Management and Business) and I’m a member of NGO “The European Dialogue”.

In the University, I teach a course of “The European Intergation and The Current Global Problems”, I also organize the round tables on the related issues, e.g. “The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement: the First Achievements ”. I’m planning to create a specialized course for students including the research of DCFTA issues.

As a member of “The European Dialogue”, I focus on the direction “The Impact of the AA on the SMB Activities”.

Zhebchuk R.

Roman Zhebchuk

Young Scientists Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

The EU Association Agreement is an important tool for further development of Europe-oriented science in Ukraine as well as its internationalization. It is therefore important for young scientists to study and benefit from the opportunities for the social and economic development of our country that are arising during the process of Ukraine-EU association.

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Olga Bezpalko

Youth Association “Youth Public Organisation “Center””

Projects aimed at deepening the Eurointegration of Vinnitsa region.

Alona Bilokon

“Together to Develop”

Educational activities: for university students and young activists, participation in “Days of Europe” in Mykolayiv.

Yulia Bolgak

Chairman of the Board of Public organization “Center for development of tourism and environmental conservation “Save the World”” (the city of Mykolayiv region)

The main directions of work of the Organization are:
– organization of public environmental control and monitoring of the environment, natural and cultural resources, public health;
– promoting environmental education and raise public awareness about environmental issues and ecology;
– involvement of the population of Ukraine in the organization’s programs, which are aimed at protecting the rights of Ukrainian citizens to a clean and healthy environment;
– establishment of permanent links, exchange of experiences related to local, national and international institutions that deal with environmental issues and tourism.

Viktoriia Chernova

NGO «Institute of Public Expertise»

We are working on better cooperation between the state and the society using public expertise and monitoring, anticorruption expertise, expertise of freedom of information implementation etc.

Viacheslav Golovchenko

Mykolaiv region press club

I prepared and I am going to hold an educational seminar on the UA-EU Association Agreement for young journalists and students.

Yulia Gryga

NGO “Philosophy of Heart”

Since 2012 the NGO is actively working on projects monitoring public procurement and taking part in the EU project on harmonization of Ukrainian tender legislation with EU standards; it is also a member of the network of public representatives “Ombudsman +”.

Svitlana Gud

Head of organization NGO – Non-governmental organization “Regional Analysis Centre.”

Odessa region, Izmail city

The main purpose of the organization – monitoring of local authorities and public opinion research in various areas of the region’s life.

Alla Kobylianska

NGO “Promotion of intercultural cooperation”

Area of interest: Analysis of economic part of DC FTA Ukraine-EU and development of recommendations for reduction of economic activity of different economic agents in accordance with new rules

Violeta Komarkova

NGO Center of Public Activity “RESULT”

The fight against fraud and corruption, cooperation in the field of employment, social policy and equal opportunities, education and training of young people.

Larysa Kordonskaya

Youth Association “Youth NGO “Center””

Implementation of youth policy, promoting youth participation in public life, improving its levels of knowledge and awareness on issues of European integration and the development of the European Union as well as the formation of a more active cititzenship on the basis of deepening the youth component in a variety of ways by supporting project initiatives aimed at ensuring the social integration of youths in accordance with national and European levels.

Filip Lavrynovskyi

Institute for Social Research and Policy Analysis

Monitoring of the implementation of the rules of the Association Agreement in the Vinnitsa region; educational work in this direction among various social groups.

Denys Plishko

NGO Analytical Research Center

Analysis of Euro integration, economical, financial and investment processes in Ukraine.

Svetlana Perebeynos

Youth Movement “Youth for Human Rights”

Legal education.

Svitlana Priymak

Kirovohrad Regional Information Service on topical issues of women

European Information Centers, which supports Kirovohrad Regional Information Service on topical issues of women, provides access to information resources on European integration, to promote the knowledge of principles of functioning of the European Union, the activities of the governing institutions of the EU, relations between Ukraine and the EU, policy of European integration of Ukraine, conducts activities that shape the European values in Kirovohrad locals.

Oleksandra Riazantseva

Oleksandra Riazantseva
Project manager at NGO/CSO Youth Alternative

Youth Alternative, a non-governmental, non-profit organization created in 1994 aimed to encourage Ukrainian young people to participate actively in Ukraine’s political and social life. We are really experienced organization that nearly 20 years opens access and tools to social mobility for the promotion of democracy, European values and for development of Ukraine.

Liubov Ropalo

NGO “Akademy of strategic researches”

Іnformation and educational activities, local government reform, revitalization of local communities.

Anatoliy Tobilko

Vinnytsia Oblast public organization NGO «Public Studio», Chairman of the Board

Our organization is engaged in the creation and dissemination of information materials, primarily – about the work and activities of non-governmental organizations that deal with matters of public interest as well as awareness-raising campaigns on social networks and mass media.

Valeriia Ukhno

Dnipropetrovsk Regional NGO “Dnipropetrovsk Coordination and Expert Center for Regulatory Policy”

Organization was created to prevent adoption of inefficient regulations, to provide legal protection and assistance to businesses for their better cooperation with local authorities.

Inga Velychko

NGO “Regional Development Office”

Protection of rights and freedoms, satisfaction of social, economic, cultural, environmental and other needs through the implementation of projects of regional development.

Kateryna Zagumionna

South-Ukrainian Frontier Research Center

an organization whose main purpose has become to investigate the prospects of settlement of the Moldovan-Transnistrian conflict, the status and dynamics of Ukraine-Moldovan relations and cross-border cooperation of Moldovan and Transnistrian areas.

Lena Zhornova

NGO “Academy of monitoring and expertise”

Monitoring the implementation of national strategy for sustainable development and protecting intellectual property rights

Olha Zhornova

NGO “Academy of monitoring and expertise”

Monitoring the implementation of national strategy for sustainable development and protecting intellectual property rights.

Igor Zubko

Public Organization «Zaporizhia Remedial League «Universal»
(Zaporizhia city, Ukraine)

Promoting the European integration of Ukraine, informative and educative activity, anti-corruption work, research, development of legal state and civil society, the viable local government and protection of rights and freedoms.

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