CiSEP now stands for „Civic Initiative for Sound EU Practice“

May we introduce? The „Civic Initiative for Sound EU Practice“ is a network of CiSEP alumni, who in the last five years passed through the EU association training programme for active Ukrainian citizens and under its new name will go on to pool its competencies and use the potentials of cooperation for the further EU integration of the country and their regions.

While the CiSEP project is coming to an end, the participants of the network- and organisational development workshops are continuing to work on the formalisation of their network. The final conference „Shaping It Together: Our Future, Our Community, Our Responsibility“, that took place in June 2020, marks the as of yet highlight of the process. The 4-day event provided the necessary framework to actively and efficiently think about the future of the network. Successfully so, as the statute and the strategic goals were accepted by the participants with one consent. Moreover, they elected the member of an interim initiative group, which in the upcoming months will introduce and delegate the first administrative steps.

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Getting Engaged in Lviv: CSO members work on communication and funding strategies

From 1-4 February 2016, the last of three challenging workshops on the role of Civil Society Organisations(CSO) in the EU-Ukraine association process was concluded in Lviv. The workshop tackled the topics “Communication”, “Project Cycle Management” and “Fundraising”.

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3rd Workshop in Odessa: Getting Engaged – Communication and Funding of CSO Projects in the Association Process

From 25-28 January 25 members of CSOs from Central and Southern Ukraine successfully concluded the last workshop of the first Civic School for Sound EU (CiSEP) training cycle in Odessa, Ukraine.

The first and second workshop in November and December were aimed at conveying knowledge on the EU-Association Agreement and its Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (AA/DCFTA) as well as teaching skills to effectively monitor and accompany the association process to the attending civil society representatives. The third workshop was a continuation of this knowledge and skills approach, but had a stronger focus on the skills-part.

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